For those of you impressed by the atmosphere of vintage aircraft, we have prepared the opportunity to strap down in the cockpit, listen to the engine roar and take off to the skies. Do you prefer to feel what it’s like to be a formation leader or admire the precise maneuvers of the wingmen from their cockpit? You will have a chance to get a picture of yourself smiling in a flying Zlin! You will be provided with a short brief focused on the technical data of the aircraft, principles of flight and instructions on the cockpit layout and controls before the photo flight. Isn’t it a wonderful gift to your boyfriend or girlfriend? :)

In case you are readying your garden for a birthday party and you want to spice it up by something unusual, you can always get in touch with us and set up our show right on top of the honoree’s head! The surprise, great noise and sunshine glimmering machines will definitely please the audience!
Speed is Life!

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