Our Team



Follow-me is a four ship formation of Zlin airplanes, flown by four mates Tomas, Bohdan, Lubo and Jarda (we prefer not to publish nicknames). Most often you can see the formation overhead its home base LKZA, therefore airport Zábřeh u Hlučína. (Search between the cities of Opava and Ostrava.) Should you be fans of the satellites, you can cram following coordinates into the box: LKZA 49,55,42N, 18,04,42E. We fly airplanes manufactured by Moravian factory at the time of its greatest glory, Zlin Z-226 and Z-326. Although it would certainly know how, these great machines are no longer approved for acrobatic flying. The formation aims to fly the practiced show as accurately as possible and obviously as tight as possible. Over the three years during which we try to keep the sky, we visited several airshows. We have tried to show the aviation fans these beautiful flying veterans there, who now look far better than fifty years ago when they left the production line in Otrokovice.