Our friends, buddies and other interesting links


Aircraft maintenance and refurbishment. The place where our planes were born. We recommend personal visit of this excellent workshop, situated at the airport in Otrokovice. P.S.: There is a lot to see, plus they brew great coffee. :)


Excellent photographic work. Should you plan an event, that you want to record permanently, this is the place to search.





Our home airclub. Slezský aeroklub Zábřeh is situated between Ostrava and Opava and we love it very much in there.




The intimate airshow of airclub Vyškov is the real well being with frankfurter and kofola … friendly atmosphere and a symbolic end of the season.




Webpage of our friend Libor Mašík, who divides his passion for flying between gliders and RC models. (Do have something manuafactured from him … Idle hands are the devil"s playgrou¬nd!)





The airclub of Mladá Boleslav is well known by organizing an event named Dobový letecký den. Great show, good service and a friendly atmosphere.




An aviation magazine REVI, which is published once in every two months is possibly not necessary to present. Actually I do not remember anymore which year we founded REVI together with Petr and Dan…




No worries…they are no madmen from office, who play pilots behind computers! (Armchair Dogfighters:)) These guys really love highwings of Mr. Cessna, who as a farmer from Rago, Kansas built its flying machine off wood and fabric back in 1911. He managed to cut the air molecules over the river Mississippi as well as Rocky Mountains in it. In case you want to take your chance in “mighty powerful Cessna” … try Sky Office. (But be careful not to pull the yoke too much… :)





Representation of manufacturers and aircraft, spare parts and aviation equipment sale. Aerobatic presentation flights in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Serbia. They will make time for you even during a weekend!