Formation leader, lead, number one, etc.... Born 1970, height 180 cm, weight 77kg. Registration Tomáš. He began flying on Blanik at the age of 14, nowadays his bills are being paid thanks to the job of captain - examiner with an undisclosed carrier. He logged about 8700 flight hours until today. He spends about 50 hours a year in smaller airplanes. He is responsible for leading of formation, navigation, communication, etc. His goal is to fly all the time as clean and as precisely as possible, in order not to have a footprint from #2 at the back of his flight suit. He also takes care of a black yellow horse marked OK-KNR. This very "MS" sports bright yellow coat with black squares, the same the cars with a "Follow me" sign carry... and remaining planes are keeping all eyes on it.


The right wing, number two, simply that crazy guy who sticks so close to the right of #1. Born 1953, height XXXXXXX, weight XXXXXXXkg, registration Bohdan. He learned to fly on Z-142 in 199X. He is no longer flying in that "box" and is only loyal to pure bloods of the Z-26 family. Total hours logged: xxxxx. Profession - director :) He averages somewhere between 50 to 100 hours on the Trener. His job in the formation is to stick behind number one no matter what. (Isn"t he relying on number one too much???) He constantly polishes the surface of a silver-red machine OK-MPR.



Left wing, number three, simply the one who has to stay there first-class. Born 1975, height 183 cm, weight 75kg. Registration: Lubo. First steps performed on the reliable Z-142, thereafter changed several types to reach a twin engine airliner. To pay for the restoration of his vintage plane he wears four golden stripes on the sleeve of his airliner captain-examiner uniform. He averages something around 20 hours per year on the Trener. Lower hours on his machine must be compensated by skill, gift and the flight suit soaked by sweat. His logbook shows total of 7000 flight hours. Upozornění-Caution-Achtung: of all the team members, only #3 does not come from and does not live on the Far (Moravian) East. He often sat in the cockpit of Z-326 OK-SEN or another spare, but he enjoys MS with registration OK-LPR nowadays. (LP are his initials + R to stick with #1 and #2.)


And here we go! We have number four. Registration: Jarouš. Relatively new to the team, so called nugget or FNG. (As a nugget in your first fleet tour, your job is to join up, fly good form, and be safe around the boat!:) Jarda settled down on the position number four, something like "tail-end-charlie", quite quickly. He flies precisely and first of all without any chatter over the radio - you cannot say that about talkative wingmen two and three. This habit fully corresponds with his personality... introvert and you cannot see, what is on his mind. He works as the flight director of our wonderful air club. He flies yellow-blue Z-326MF in our box, but sometimes we are a bit suspicious, he would prefer to sit behind the yellow tail of OK-KNR in his beloved Brigadyr! Strange deviation :).

P.S. FNG...Fucking New Guy

Absolvent Českého vysokého učení technického v Praze - obor strojírenství. Pracuje jako jednatel firmy na výrobu zakázkových strojů s výstižným názvem SKV elektronika a mechanika. Je leteckým instruktorem na motorových letounech i na větroních, stavitelem dvou ultralehkých letadel. Spolu se svojí ženou Janou tvoří skutečnou leteckou rodinu. Jana je Mistr světa z r. 2005 v plachtění ve standardní třídě a několikanásobná mistryně republiky, syn Jan rovněž propadl letectví. Má zkušenosti se sólovou leteckou akrobacii, kdy byl členem českého národního družstva a juniorským mistrem republiky. Létá na pozici slot. Ve volném čase se věnuje leteckému modelářství - létání s RC modely, cyklistice, tenisu a jako obyvatel podhůří i sjezdovému i běžeckému lyžování.