Zlin Z-226MS, serial number 103

This Zlin 226 was manufactured in Otrokovice with the serial number of 103 in spring of 1957. Its aviation life began as Z-226T version and soon received the logical nickname Kanar. You can get across many known names while going through the pages of its former logbooks.
After the Walter Minor VI and tandem cockpit were found not being state of the art and thus unsuitable for the training plans either for young or old Svazarm pilots or future MiG-21 drivers, the plane was dismantled, partly cannibalized and put into the hangar’s corner.
Tomáš together with his brother Dan took the remnants of Kanar to our friend Milan in Holešov in 1998, so that those handy guys from Zlin-Avion could do a complete overhaul on it… better said total renovation a rebuilt to a four piston Z-126T. (“We were probably worried about the fuel crisis.”) :)

Since the overhaul the plane raced couple of times along the Alps ridges or fine down the sea… Its time came up in 2007, as it was obvious, that the weak Walter cannot keep up the company while flying formation with the six cylinders equipped with fuel injection and V-503 automatic props. So it took off for Zlin-Avion hangar again to see our exclusive engineer – based in Otrokovice by that time – where it received new 180 Hp and a metal prop V-503. Even the Kanar’s overhaul took place about 10 years ago, there is hardly anyone passing by without noticing this remarkable plane. The experts on the other hand cannot believe that it can still look so nice. It is simply the machine!



Zlin Z-226MS, serial number 263

MPR is slightly younger… its roll-out was held in Otrokovice in fall 1958. OK-MPR was allocated to Slovácký aeroklubu in Kunovice, where it served until the end of eighties. It sported the then usual silver color, complemented by colored details of cockpit canopy and wing tips. Nobody remembers the type of the color nowadays, but it is believed to be blue. Sometime in 1969, after the restoration of engine powered division of Kunovice aeroklub (it was only glider towing station since 1963), the plane received new orange painting - similar to other Trener’s in the air club in Kunovice – those sported a different color combinations however (OK-HLK, -IGT, -LHA, -MGE). OK-MPR was allocated to air club Medlánky in the early eighties, where it used to tow gliders all the way until its termination and being erased from the registry. The plane was acquired by Technické museum in Brno and one could see it fade away for many years alongside MiG-19 at the museum’s head office - courtyard of Voršilky monastery in Ústí nad Orlicí. It later moved with the Technicke museum to its new rooms in Královo Pole.

Luckily not everyone agrees with the idea that the best destiny for old airplanes is to lock them down in museum collection. It reached the sky again after many sad years on 23rd of March 2005, being refurbished onto the Z-226MS standard by company Zlin-Avion. The spring sun was glimmering on the pearled silver coat Alfa Romeo Nuvola. The checkerboard details painted in Ferrari red gave literally warning impression. The same way as flying in Kanar you can enjoy the power and noise of well-tuned engine and prop that propel the plane at 240 km/h averaging the fuel consumption at 35 l/h.

It is simply the machine!  



Zlin Z-226MS, serial number 020

LPR saw the first light in Otrokovice, 1957, labeled OK-KMX. Its cockpit was also somewhat poorer at the time of its creation, compared to what one can see now. The reason was the birth certificate indicated initially factory designation Z-226 B. Thanks to this the machine was largely dedicated to glider towing. Visitors could see OK-KMX for example at airports of Aero Club Náchod and Vrchlabí. The aircraft register lost plot of OK-KMX in 1991.

Lubo took possession of the grounded OK-KMX in Kunovice in autumn of 2008. The machine again went to engineer Mili and at spring of 2009 left the gates of Otrokovice based company Zlin-Avion named OK-LPR and redesigned as Zlin Z-226 MS. Spring sun reflected off the metallic green-red coated surface, which clearly showed the world that the formation has a new addition – the machine.


Zlin Z-326MF, serial number 893

The Zlin Z-326 rolled off the production line under No. 893 in 1963. It spent the remaining months of the sixty-third living somewhat non-aviation life - remained "out of stock" at the airport in Vyskov. Next year it was active in the same role, just a short distance away, the home became Brno - Slatina. Finally, June 8, 1965 someone turned up to take 893th into the air. Based on the order of ten Z-326 airframes, a French registration F-BMQR appeared on the fuselage and the airplane begins a career in aviation school of Chartres. More than a quarter of a century later, 893th, this time dismantled into prime factors, returned to his homeland. The 1992 says the record.

A bunch of mechanics from Zlin-Avion company started to take care of it after four years of sleep. They took it on a long journey of complete overhaul and conversion and in the end the hangar door leaves blue-yellow beauty (who invented this? :) Bearing the designation Z-326MF. This means that unlike standard 326s that part the air molecules with a wooden propeller, the MF sports glinting metal blades of automatically adjustable 503 mounted on M 137. To adjust the center of gravity of this first ever built MF, the main cockpit had to shift backwards. The test flight was carried out by the crew of Ing. Paseka and Pavel Vlcek followed by the check flight of the Civil Aviation Inspectors M. Tošovský and Ing. Jiri Blaha five days later on 4th and 5th November 1997.

With a smile on his lips, our friend Jiří Hořínka picks up the new aircraft on November 15 (we can only imagine the mission between Holešov and Zábřeh :). From this day on the plane faithfully serves the Aviation Club in Zábřeh, also being used for towing. Over the years she suffered several bruises, including a very but very intimate contact with Mother Earth in the belly parts, but she is still a looker. The interesting marking of OK-SEN could also enjoy the Zlin rally participants in the Swiss Samedan near St. Moritz, where it was reliably brought by Mili. (Samedan airport lies hidden in the Alps, and boasts a decent altitude ... I suggest, check out the map for fun).